Dear American Friends Seeking Heating Independence


We want to invite you to our upcoming Open House. It will be on the 22 and 23 March 2012. The seminar times will be 10:00, 2:00, 6:00 both on Thursday and Friday or by appointment at a different time or on Sunday afternoon. We do care, so we want to serve you. The seminars will be on how the Central Boiler furnaces are made, what makes them different, the upcoming EPA requirements, using the furnace without grid power, as well as other issues and a question and answer time. Let us know if you are interested in something specific that we can address. You may want to prebuy.


All purchases of a Central Boiler system at seminar will receive:

Free Maintenance Kit Plus. Up to $425 Value

Receive an Instant Cash Rebate of up to $850

Receive up to 100 feet of ThermoPex inground pipe value of $1400

For the first 7 purchases receive a Traeger Grill  $149 Value

-$200 off of Shipping & Handling

Free used inground insulation limited (amount)

With purchase of Premium Parts Kit extended parts warranty

Drawing for a Lit Tex Traeger Pellet grill

Coupon for other items from store of non CB related items

 Purchase a ATD Log Lifter $799 for $399 (limited number)

We will not be out done in parts, service, and support and with over 31 years experience I know what it takes and how to do it. We can get the system to outperform others and have it to last longer with my knowledge and using better parts and design to make an engineered total system.


Let us know how and what we can do to serve you. This is our desire and to go the extra mile.

Remember what you buy and whom you buy it from shows whom or what you believe in because you are supporting that they are doing. Support USA as we do by buying our products.


If you will RSVP we will be cooking food on our pellet grills that we can serve you. Also we need to know what day and time that would be best for you as well as how many will be coming.


The storm is coming will you be ready? I can help you to prepare let me know please do so.


Previous Candidates for Central Boiler: 1. One stated I can buy a lot of gas for that price. Well yes but when it is used up it is gone and with rising prices that money is used up even faster. 2. Another stated I have family member that has lost their job and so I will have to help them. 3. Another came in and stated he had to buy one. I have lost my job. He knew how much the furnace was going to save him as well as locking in his heating cost and no hot water bill. The 2nd man could know as well he would have been helping out his family members by having a refuge for them to come to.

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